Affordable solutions for international talent sourcing

With more than 74 years of experience, AIESEC has been a choice for our partners worldwide because of our affordable solutions to recruit international talents. Get a free hassle recruitment process because AIESEC will handle the logistics for you.

"I could see that we wouldn't just get a simple programmer who has taken a few IT courses over the web. With AIESEC, we would be able to get a foreign employee who has completed a master's degree, and they will even bring them to the country and ensure they are well taken care of while they're here."
Christian Schjørring
Founder of Blue Data Management and Archii

We help you with the recruitment process

AIESEC has access to talent from over 2,400 universities in 110+ countries around the world, thanks to its international profile. As an organization, we begin the application screening process and shortlist candidates for your company. You can then go through your own recruitment processes and choose your preferred trainee.

Get started with 4 steps

Initial meeting and preparation of job description

During a meeting with your local AIESEC office, we will clarify your company's needs and create a job description together. As a business, you will create a job advertisement for each vacancy you wish to fill.

Become visible on the AIESEC job portal

AIESEC has an international platform where trainees from around the world can find international trainee opportunities. We promote your company's position to the entire network through this platform. Our system facilitates filtering, making finding the right candidate for the job simple.

Get a shortlist of

AIESEC conducts the initial screening process as part of the process, so your company only has to deal with a few selected candidates. We handle all applications, CVs, and assessments and conduct preliminary interviews to determine a candidate's cultural fit with your company.

Invite candidates for an interview

It is always your choice who you invite to a job interview. Once you've made your final decision and found your next employee, AIESEC will assist you with the contract and the preceding processes, such as visas, housing, and networking.

Our platform is designed for your needs.

Watch the applications come into your dashboard

Manage applications, guide candidates through different hiring stages and chat with your favorites, all from your dashboard.

See what it looks like when your job opportunity is being posted

Our user interface keeps your job opportunity stay clear and understandable for our candidates, making it the best job portal for young people to use.

Paperwork? Visa? CPR number? Let us handle the logistics

Our team of volunteers will take care of logistics. Our talent solutions make your international hiring experience feel like a local one.

  • Support intern upon arrival in Denmark
  • Setting a clear job description
  • Support with obtaining insurance
  • Guide intern to set their development goals
  • Onboard intern with the company on the first day
  • Assistance on setting clear expectations
  • Help intern settle and understand general living conditions
  • Co-host development spaces for intern
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • Assist intern to obtain visa and work permit

You’re not just hiring

Young people sign up on our platform to develop their leadership capacity. So when sourcing talent through AIESEC, you're not just hiring a candidate. You're contributing to our mission to develop more youth leaders around the world.

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