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Youth to Business brings businesses and organizations closer to international and Danish youth with a cross-cultural approach to engaging in a unique dialogue on relevant topics to Danish companies and communities.

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About Youth to Business

The Youth to Business (Y2B) Forum is a conference running for one day, including keynote talks, workshops, case-solving simulation, a career fair for youth and stakeholders, and panel discussions delivered by cross-sector speakers, partners, and stakeholders.

Youth to Business aims to bring together key stakeholders within the Danish and International communities to engage in a unique dialogue on relevant topics for Danish businesses and communities. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between youth and Business, driving Denmark forward by exploring different perspectives, sharing ideas, and building a better future together.

Ultimately, Youth to Business is an initiative to directly contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations number 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth regarding youth employment in Denmark.

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Our theme for 2023

Investing in young people

Innovating the next generation's potential toward future employability.

Our Venue for
Youth to Business Forum 2023

Copenhagen Business School

Why invest in young people?

  • Of Danish youth considers that their university/college experience IS NOT giving them enough knowledge and skills needed in the future.

  • Y2B 2022 respondents believe an apprenticeship with an employer is the most helpful way to find a job compared to 37,5% who chose the university.

  • Of youth think their access to information has been halted after the pandemic.

  • Sources:
    YouthSpeak Survey by AIESEC
    Youth & COVID-19: Impacts on jobs, education, rights and mental well-being August 2020
    Youth in Europe: Effects of COVID-19 on their economic and social situation

Our Agenda Concept

See how we will deliver the conference together with you.


We empower the delegates through business and thought leaders from our partners to share their expertise and knowledge with the youth.


We engage the delegates through challenging practical business case problem-solving by our partners to unleash innovative youth ideas.


We allow the space to explore delegates' interests with our partners and like-minded youth to find their passions and interests.

Connect with our Danish and International young people

Employer branding for your organization

Showcase your company and organization's expertise and knowledge about different topics through workshops or keynotes for young people from diverse backgrounds.

Get insights into our young people

Youth to Business gives companies and organizations a space to understand the Gen Z and Millennials in Denmark, and gain deep insights into their motivations, pains, gains, and ideal future workplace for them.

Recruit your potential talent

Get access to engage with our International and Danish young talent with the right and necessary leadership qualities based on your talent acquisition needs and recruit them as your potential talent.

Your benefits

Thanks to our experience of working with 50+ customers just like you, we understand the challenge of getting in touch and finding young talents.

We aim to help and support you to get to know and get in touch with young students from all over Denmark and abroad. You will have the chance to get to know their perspectives and needs and introduce them to your company.

  • Effectively reach and get in touch with young talents
    A chance to engage with our international and Danish young talent and gain insight from them.

  • Find high-profile talents for your company
    Get a return on investment by potentially hiring the young talent you train through Youth to Business.

  • Enrich your organization's work culture
    Get future collaborations with AIESEC involving our young talent for future projects and initiatives.

Our Partners

Get involved in our biggest youth forum!

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