Hire international young talent from around the world

AIESEC in Denmark offers talent solutions to a variety of organizations such as companies, start-ups, and NGOs to find and bring on board the right candidate for the job from our pool of global talents.

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Why should with AIESEC?

Affordable solutions for international talent sourcing

With more than 74 years of experience, AIESEC has been a choice for our partners worldwide because of our affordable solutions to recruit international talents. Get a free hassle recruitment process because AIESEC will handle the logistics for you.

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Contributing to the youth leadership development

Young people signed up with AIESEC to develop their leadership capacity for their future. When sourcing talent through AIESEC, you're not just hiring a candidate but also contributing to our mission to develop more youth leaders worldwide.

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Engage with our young people to enrich your organization's branding

Our AIESEC members are innovative and eager to collaborate with any organization. Get a chance to work with us for your employer branding project, CSR, and other initiatives with our brilliant international young talent to engage with.

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"I could see that we wouldn't just get a simple programmer who has taken a few IT courses over the web. With AIESEC, we would be able to get a foreign employee who has completed a master's degree, and they will even bring them to the country and ensure they are well taken care of while they're here."

Christian Schjørring

Founder of Blue Data Management and Archii

"Typically, the 'recruiters' who find people abroad will only do the first part. So they won't help get the trainee to Denmark, help them integrate, get tax, CPR, and all these things set up. And they won't help with the social stuff afterward, either. But AIESEC does everything for the trainee or intern."

Matthias Haamann

Chief Technology Officer of Churchdesk

"We recognized that diversity is an important parameter for our development, so it suited us perfectly to get help from AIESEC. They picked up our new employees at the airport and helped them get a social security number, a bank account, and housing. It was all in one package that we need for."

Michael Gram

Founder and Former CEO of MapsPeople

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